Black To 
The Ballot

Black To The Ballot aims to make Black people powerful in politics by registering, engaging, and activating Black voters through our national voter registration drive and Agenda for a Black Future.

Agenda For a Black Future

Over 30,000 Black people across the country participated in the Black Census Project, providing insightful views and opinions about politics, society, and the opportunities and challenges facing Black communities and the nation. The Black Policy Agenda translates the Black Census results into a policy platform that empowers Black communities to educate and challenge elected officials, policymakers, and legislators to take positions that are beneficial to our communities.
For too long, people in power have conspired to rig the game, making Black people work twice as hard to not get half as far. We are falling further behind without a shot at getting what we all deserve – a good life.

We pledge to support candidates who commit to the Agenda for a Black Future, which works to make us powerful in every aspect of our lives:

Remove policies that lock us out of good jobs and invest in the health and wealth of our communities

Confront those who conspire to steal our votes and finally build the democracy that is promised to us all

Challenge the people and practices that leave us living sick and dying younger and deliver the care we need to live long and live well

Reject the toxic culture of white nationalism by calling it out at every opportunity and in front of every audience

Act on the climate crisis as a national priority before more of our communities are hit first and worst by disasters

End the use of incarceration to solve the problems of migration, poverty and disinvestment and return millions of us to our families and communities

Join Us!

Securing Black futures requires ambitious, innovative, problem-solving that disrupts the inequitable status quo. This agenda is designed to do just that.
Join us in building political power for Black people by adding your name!

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