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Political power that is independent, progressive and Black requires resources. Your donation goes directly to resourcing policies and campaigns that have our interests at the center. Building Black political power means we have to organize the resources, determination, and power of Black people in the present in order to shape our future.

Who We Are

Black to the Future Action Fund is a think tank / act tank that works to make Black communities powerful in politics. We build our capacity to design, win, and implement changes to the problems we face. We expand and protect democracy, and fight for our democracy to work for us.

What We Do

Black to the Future Action Fund works to transform Black communities into constituencies that build Black political power in cities and states. We work to enact policy that improves the lives of Black people, and to elect Black legislators with progressive values who move progressive policies.

Black Agenda 2020

The Black Agenda 2020 represents a set of economic goals and structural changes that hold our government accountable to our communities and empowers Black communities to educate and challenge elected officials, policy makers, and legislators to take positions that are beneficial to our communities.

Black To The Ballot

One way for Black communities to be powerful in politics is to protect our right to participate. We can protect our communities from harm through voting that advances our agenda for the people we love. Our sister organization, Black Futures Lab, is registering, engaging, and activating Black voters through their Black To The Ballot Initiative.

Black To The Future Public Policy Institute:

The Black to the Future Public Policy Institute is a policy advocacy and leadership training fellowship that provides the tools needed to transform Black communities into constituencies that wield independent, Black political power at the municipal, state, and federal level. 


Black to the Future Action Fund supports candidates for local, state and federal office that will fight alongside us for the future we deserve.

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