Covid-19 Relief and Recovery Plan for Black America

Covid-19 Relief and Recovery Plan for Black America

Black people represent just 13% of the country’s population but nearly 30% of total Coronavirus cases and 16% of total deaths — we are dying at higher rates than any other group in the country. With over 60,000 Black lives lost, nearly half of our small businesses permanently closed, and the daily burden of rising unemployment and insecure housing, our communities demand swift, sweeping, and aggressive action.

We need a plan for all Black communities that protects us, provides access to the care we need and builds new infrastructure to address the crises facing us — and our Covid-19 Relief and Recovery Plan for Black America does just that.

We’re changing the rules and making new ones that make us powerful in every aspect of our lives.

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To flatten the curve and level the playing field, Congress must adopt the following priorities immediately:


1. Put cash directly into the hands of people – $2K monthly checks

2. Complete cancellation of student loan payments

3. Priority for all Black owned small businesses in the next round of PPP 


1. Free testing and coverage of Covid-19 treatments for everyone

2. Ensure racial equity in Covid-19 vaccine distribution

3. Expanded emergency health care coverage via a public plan


1. Cancel rent, mortgages, and evictions + public utilities and internet costs

2. Safe housing options for victims of domestic violence and at-risk family members of essential workers  


1. Protect our vote

2. Fund and protect the US Postal Service

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COVID-19 has exposed the connection between rigged rules and their impacts on our families: Black people are infected at higher rates and comprise the majority of deaths from the disease in many cities across America. Our elected leaders need to hear how this pandemic is impacting our lives. 

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Covid-19 Dashboard

Covid-19 is devastating Black communities across this country. Learn more about what’s happening with infection and death rates in your county and state with our dashboard.