Build Back Bolder: A Black Mandate for the Biden-Harris Administration

Build Back Bolder: A Black Mandate for the Biden-Harris Administration

Black communities are working hard for democracy — but democracy isn’t working for Black communities. Now, is our chance to change that, and unrig generations of rigged rules that have left our communities out and behind.

The Black Mandate for the Biden-Harris Administration puts the priorities of Black communities in this country front and center and calls on those elected to represent to us to do the same. Within periods of crisis, there is an opportunity – and it lies in meeting the needs of Black communities in America so that all of America can reach its promise.

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Join us in calling on the Biden-Harris administration to prioritize the needs and interests of our communities in their first 100 days of office by addressing:

Covid-19 Relief
& Recovery

Ensure the response to this crisis provides access to the support and care Black Communities need by building a robust infrastructure that addresses the housing, health, financial, and voting rights issues facing us. Learn more about our Covid Relief & Recovery Plan for Black America.

Racial Justice & Economic Recovery

Secure stability and mobility in Black communities by ensuring increased wages, workplace protections, and good jobs with a safety net for Black workers and their families.

Racial Justice & The Climate Crisis

Act on the climate crisis as a national priority before more of our communities are hit first and worst by climate and environmental catastrophes.

White Nationalism

Reject the toxic culture of white nationalism and white supremacist movements by addressing it at every opportunity and in front of every audience.